DM-Decifer By Platinum

A big industrial complex with lots of room.  No background info given.

Gameplay 27/30

A big, multi-level hardcore map with an industrial feel.  The flow is good although it can feel a little random at times.  There are a few landmarks to aid navigation so getting disorientated is rarely a problem.  Pickups are well balanced and well placed but there is one small hole accessible only by a lift jump.  This has just three bits of different ammunition. The U-Damage would feel more at home here.

Bots have no difficulty and provide action in all areas of the map.  They also give a good fight as well.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Good and smooth throughout even when busy.

Eye Candy 23/25

A well implemented theme with some nice variation between the breeze blocks, steel work and wooden sections.  Also the outside world is visible as is an underground river.  This gives a great feeling of depth and keeps the visuals interesting.  Outside structures are also visible through a skylight with helps add to the sense of place.  Lighting is well done with good use of colour and shadow.

The Details 14/15

All here but no back story.

Final Score 92/100

A very nice deathmatch map with some good visuals and great action.



5 Responses to DM-Decifer By Platinum

  1. 2_Face says:

    Nice map.. it has that original UT goty style, not only the visuals but also the flow.. i like it!

  2. Charon says:

    Time for classics! Mrroarr! xD
    Good to see you still remember and appreciate that stuff, Firefly 🙂 Huh, I miss those times ;]

  3. Firefly says:

    A good map never dies 😉

  4. platinum says:

    hey thank you for the reviews, i really appreciate it. 🙂

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