DM-Artiphycial By 2’Face

This is a neon version of the old classic DM-Morpheus from the original UT and full of custom goodness.

Gameplay 16/30

The readme states “not intended for bot play”.  That’s a real shame as it wastes a lot of the hard work that’s gone into almost every other aspect of this map.  Without proper bot pathing the bots just walk backwards and forwards and gets stuck.  An extra hour or so development time would have seen this map bot pathed.

Layout is great and actually adds to Morpheus’ design with an extra structure.  This has a cool jumppad that will propel you to otherwise unreachable areas.  Also on top o is the aromour.  The internal areas are similar to the original, set on two levels with an upper floor above them.  On the narrow towers you’ll find invisibility and the keg.  The invis is reachable via a jumppad and the keg via a lift jump.  The placement of the U-Damage is good requiring a careful jump to grab it.  The flow is good and feels like a good update on the classic and is big enough to accommodate more than two.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Under these OpenGL drivers the frames are smooth without a single hitch.  The default ones do stutter badly.

Eye Candy 23/25

This is a very pretty map with about 95% custom content.  A lot of hard work has gone in to this and it shows what can still be achieved with the UT99 engine.  This leads to a lovely fresh feeling.  The pickup meshes have been drawn from other games..  The health vials are the adrenaline capsules from UT2k4 and the inspiration for the  armour seems to be Doom.  The skybox is busy but doesn’t distract from the game.  The planet with the blue lines running around it didn’t seem to fit though.  Also I didn’t like the textures with the flashing lines.  If the light was subtly pulsing rather than flashing it would better.  These are minor things though.  On the whole the looks are really tidy and new.

The Details 14/15

All here bar a backstory.

Final Score 81/100

A really nice map with great flow that varies from the original but not too far.  Yet doesn’t feel like a copy.  The score would have been in the mid nineties had the author bothered to spend a little time bot pathing. It does seem a real shame.  Bot pathing one of the more important parts of level design.



3 Responses to DM-Artiphycial By 2’Face

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey 2_face If you’re reading this Firefly has reviewed your map, man this map is very happy-coloured xd custom stuff not bad is interesting how you are developing your skill mapping in ut xd

    A question…Im suprised why didn’t included botpathing support? Anyway, good map brother!

    Translation to spanish:
    Ey 2_face si estás leyendo esto, firefly ha analizado tu mapa, tio este mapa está muy alegremente colorer xd con material propio no está nada mal es interessante ver como estas adquiriendo experiencia en el mapeo en ut xd

    Estoy soprendido porque no incluiste soporte para bots en este mapa? De todos modos, buen mapa hermano!

    Firefly, good review man!

  2. 2_Face says:

    Thanks for the review Firefly, I didn’t expect so much 😀
    about the bot pathing: well i have to say that bot pahing is not my favorite part of mapping, and i taught nowadays nobody plays UT99 with bots so I didn’t pay so much attention on that, Anyway I guess I’ll have to read more tutorials about bot pathing 😦

    @Anonymous (DarkSonny)

    Thanks dude! Are you drunk again? 😀 hahhaha
    I’ll make a version with bot support if I get some time …

    Do you know a good tutorial (advanced) about bot pathing?

  3. Firefly says:


    Nice to see some originality and keep going.

    Bot pathing isn’t as difficult as you think. Just concentrate on one small area at a time. In this case, one tower at time. then when all the towers are done, link them up.

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