DM-1on1-Virg’Vithalus By 2’Face

Home of the Nali, Al’Kaharm.  He is the spiritual leader of the Nalis and lives here in this forest, Vithalus Virgin Forest.  It sits atop mount Vithalus.  It’s also full of custom content.

Gameplay  24/30

As the author states in the readme it draws inspiration from 2k4 maps such as DM-Tokara Forest, DM-Antalus.  Open and with loads of Z-Axis play coupled with low gravity make this a fun layout.  The walkways wind their way up round the main trees and add threat to the lower levels.  Snipers don’t have it all their own way though as teleporters aid movement around the map and make access to the upper levels easy.

Player count has been set at 2 to 4 and that’s about right.  There is room for more but it will fill quickly.  Bots have no trouble using the teleporters or getting around the map.  There could have been a few more ammo pick ups as I kept running dry.  The meshes used by some of the pickups have been mixed around a little with some from 2k4.  The vitamin pills are now health vials for example.  This could cause some confusion.  It also makes it feel a little thrown together.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

Smooth everywhere accept when you look up.  I noticed a slight but visible slowdown when looking skyward.

Eye Candy 10/25

Custom content is always good to see.  Most of it has been done quite well although it’s mainly drawn from the assets from the above maps.  The green sky is mysterious as is the skull shaped mountain and big mouths cut into the rock faces.

It’s such a shame that the lighting spoils all this.  It’s uniform throughout the map with no shadows or bright stops.  It looks as so though a lighting re-build needs to be run.  There is a couple of spots of purple light but that is overdone.  Also there are stretched textures in a number of places.

The Details 12/15

Readme, story and screenshots are all here but you need the first bonus pack installed for it to work.  This wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the readme.

Final Score 71/100

A rough diamond of a map.  Some good ideas but let done by the lighting and texturing errors.  Also lacking information in the readme doesn’t help.



6 Responses to DM-1on1-Virg’Vithalus By 2’Face

  1. 2_Face says:

    thanks for the review once again 😀
    But I think there is a problem, this is not how the map look’s on my PC’s. I’ve added a green light as zonelight, and it dosen’t seem to exist in this screens… brightness set to 5-6 , VideoDriver= Direct3D support. It’s supposed that the branches and trees have the same colour 😦
    This is how it looks on my PC :

  2. Firefly says:

    Check with the Map Submission page to make sure you’re using the same drivers. Other than that I’ve got everythung as standard

  3. 2_Face says:

    I don’t get it, it should look like it looks on my PC.
    thx anyway, at less i did a better bothpating than the last one 😀 .this map gave me nothing but problems before the release…

    does anybody else have the same problem with the map?

  4. Firefly says:

    some maps are cursed I swear. I’ve had ones like that in the past.
    Keep mapping though because you definitely have “it”. Some can never map some, like your self, just need practise

  5. Firefly says:

    My bad. Screens are now fixed
    Sorry about that

  6. 2_Face says:

    np! I thought it was something wrong with the map… again, but then i saw that swanky and cooloola had the same problem 😀
    better than before but the branches and trees still don’t have the same colour …

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