DM-1on1-Revenge By Platinum

A small and clean industrial themed duel map.  No background story given in the readme

Gameplay  28/30

This is about as pure as it gets as far as hardcore duellers go.  The flow is great with no geometry to snag on.  Weapon placement is good with just the right amount of health lying around.  The map is small enough to be able to hear your opponent for most of the time.  This makes for a nice tense atmosphere.

Bots have no difficulty in navigating this.  I didn’t spot any stickiness or looping moment and they make use of all the pickups.  Adding any more bots would make it too crowded.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Being such a small map means the frames are nice and high.

Eye Candy 21/25

Clearly industrial in theme but the focus is clearly on the gameplay.  Variety is a lacking a little and the grey bricks can get a little samey.  An addition of a small detail or two to break up the breeze blocks would be welcome.  The lighting does have colour and of different shades which is always nice.  This isn’t over bearing and adds to the map.  There’s also a nicely done view to the outside down one of the ramps.  It’s all been tidily done with no texture or geometry errors.

The Details 14/15

Readme didn’t include any backstory to the map but everything else was there.

Final Score 91/100

A little bland in places but the gameplay is golden and a definite for any 1 on 1 fan.



One Response to DM-1on1-Revenge By Platinum

  1. Charon says:

    Yeah, not so many of custom maps became a must-have on servers (especially on the ones owned by top cb clans). 1on1-Revenge was one of those maps which made it.

    Although it may seem to be too open for a reasonable fight, it’s a pure classic!

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