CTF-Pagnite By RoninMastaFX

This is a CTF set in the Peter Acculum-Gellenite Lava Facility.  CTF-Pagnite might be easier to remember.  Thankfully the author has used the short version.

Gameplay 14/30

This is a 2-forts style ctf map.  Three bridges span a big lava pool.  There’s no hiding place on the  bridges and being knocked into the lava make it a tense run.  I thought it would be frustrating but not.  It does limit your attacking options though.  An underground passage or secret backdoor would have added to the tactical element.  The flag bases are big but not too big.  Only three entrances into them but they’re close together.  The expected bottleneck didn’t seem to happen. It is fun chucking 6 rocket grenades through them though.

Playercount is stated at 2-12.  Played with 10 and it was too busy.  About 8 will give you a good match.  The bots moved round the map defending, attacking and covering well but they did seem to collect around the entrances.

I noticed a bug.  A rocket bounced me up on to the top of one of the bases.  It was obvious I wasn’t supposed to be there.  A blocking volume would prevent a camper from exploiting this online.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

It performed well but the bases can get a little busy and frag filled. Also You can see into the bases from across the bridge.  This may slowdown lower specced systems.

Eye Candy 14/25

Although the structure of the map is basically sound but there are some problems with the look.  The lighting is the main one.  There are no shadows anywhere.  I first thought that the lights hadn’t been rebuilt but that’s not the case.  It’s way too bright and this goes for the exterior as well.  The skybox seems to show an evening sky but everywhere is flooded with light with no visible light source.  The other thing is the bridges could do with some simple supports under them.  This would add the the immersion.  The bridges seem to deify gravity.

On the plus side the theme is done well with nice clean lines and the base layouts are easy to learn.  They do need some more decoration though.  The green weapon pickups help and the custom textures are a nice addition as well.

The Details 7/15

Screenshot and playercount are here and also custom music and textures.  The file name is confusing though.  It’s been released with “beta3” at the end.  There only needs to be two different names in a map’s development.  Once the mapper’s happy with it the beta tag should be removed and then the map released.

Final Score 59/100

This felt unfinished.  The author did say that he was happy that this was the release version.  It’s a shame as the bases are well laid out and the flow does seem to work.  A few more hours would have polished this into a very respectable map.



2 Responses to CTF-Pagnite By RoninMastaFX

  1. RoninMastaFX says:

    heya Firefly. Great review. The map is actually in Beta 3 stage, but unfoauntly, it cannot go on due to several issues. 😦 Decos are idd extremely unfinished, I agree, but the “beta3” extention was because there was going to be a beta 4, but it got canceled, and development halted at Beta 3 *final* *fixed*.

    But other than that, again, many thanks! 😀 For my first “serious level”, it is ok-ish 🙂

  2. Firefly says:

    Glad you like it.
    Your mapping shows promise in the layout of the bases. Keep mapping and you’ll soon get there.

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