VCTF-Kelahf By Cooloola

This takes place in underground caves once used as refugee camps during the war with the Necris.  It has since been converted to run tournaments.

Gameplay 28/30

The playercount is set at 6 to 10 and that’s about right.  I played with 6 and had a good fight.  The bots also know how to defend, attack and cover you.  They didn’t get hung up driving or flying the vehicles.  The Hellbender is the largest on offer here.  The Goliath would be an overkill in a map of this size.

This flows well and provides some intense action.  There are only two routes to the flag that cross over in the middle but there are multiple entrances to the bases.  This makes for varied and engaging tactical play.  The entrances are fairly narrow so a well organised team could defend well.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

Better than most custom maps out there.  A good 35 to 45 fps throughout means a good score here.

Eye Candy 22/25

It looks and feels like vast underground caverns.  Meshes and materials all use well and convey a sense of location.  In places the undergrowth is trying to re-claim the caverns.  The architecture looks as though it’s been built into the caves rather than just meshes squashed into a hole.  It all fits and gives great immersion.  One complaint though is that the bloom is set quite high.  This won’t be to everybody’s taste and neither will all the coloured neon.  It does make a welcome change from all the colourless maps floating around though.

Other than that it looks really good with great atmosphere.

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, playercount, music and sounds are all here so full marks for the details.

Final Score 92/100

This is a keeper and one I’ll play for a very long time.  It ticks all the boxes; looks great, plays great and has good bot support.  Grab it.



2 Responses to VCTF-Kelahf By Cooloola

  1. Aalexanderrr says:

    Really great job dude, as usual ! You need a gold medal for that as well 😀

  2. Wael aka cooloola says:

    Thanks man. I know I do deserve a medal :p . I’m still a bit shocked people liked the map, I built in very little time. I guess I’ve been in the mapping zone lately.

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