DM-Precision By Barballs

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack

A purpose built arena awaiting tournament approval.  That means it needs some blood stains.

Gameplay 27/30

As pure as it gets.  The flow is very good and you’re never too far away from some health.  The U-Damage makes an appearance but it’s tucked away.  The bots never seem to take it or use it.  It’s pretty tricky to get to so it might be beyond them.  There is one jumppad that is pointing in slightly the wrong direction.  You’ll need to use a bit or air control to reach the ledge.

Playercount is at 2 to 8.  That’s a bit vague and this is certainly not a duel map.  Fire it up with around 6 to 8 and you’ll have a lot of fun.  The bots are aggressive and will give you a good match.  They cover almost all of the map.

Performance 26/30

Good at around 35 to 45.  Smooth all the way with no dips.

Eye Candy 22/25

Very industrial but clean, shiny and new.  It did remind me of a multi-story carpark at first.  The yellow hazard trim and muted shine on the concrete all helped the atmosphere.  Those lights do seem a little too big and too many.  Certain walls are a bit samey and repetitive.  On the whole though a great job on the look and feel.

The Details 13/15

Screenshot, music and playercount.  The story seems like an afterthought though.

Final Score 88/100

A purist’s crack of a map.  Brought down a little by those two technical aspects.



2 Responses to DM-Precision By Barballs

  1. Wael says:

    nice reviews, but the link to the dm-echelon review is busted.

  2. Firefly says:

    thanks for the heads up.
    they’re now fixed

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