DM-Echelon By Slainchild

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack.

A clean tech themed complex with reactive trim set at night. Who knows what this used to be used for

Gameplay 27/30

The layout is about as purist as you could hope for.  No gimmicks just smooth deathmatch action. Well I say no gimmicks.  There is one.  When the U-Damage spawns the ever present yellow bars turn a pinky purple colour.  Once you get used to it you’ll rely on it.  Although the U-Damage isn’t hidden especially it is a little out of the way so it’s good to have this signal.

the playercount is set at 4 to 8.  While 4 is too low I find that 8 is closer to the mark.  The different areas flow into one another like you’d expect.  Pickups are well placed and sufficient.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Holp style should equal high FPS and this one doesn’t disappoint with a stable 45 to 50.

Eye Candy 21/25

While very clean and the reactive textures are nice I did find it all a little samey.  There are some nice touches though like sunken pipe work and nice lighting but some variety in the textures and pillar detail would have been welcome.  Maybe make the lower levels a little dirtier. As I stated above the lighting is good with some variation in colour.

The Details 12/15

Screenshot, playercount and music but no readme.

Final Score 88/100

While visuals need some variety, its a map that all the deathmatch purists should love.



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