DM-Chizra By HazelH

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack

The Ancient texture pack from UT has a revamp for DM-Chizra.  No story provided.

Gameplay 26/30

Small and very hardcore.  With a correct playercount at 2 to 4, Chizra sits quite comfortably in duelling country.  Typically intertwined and twisting passageways and rooms make up the layout.  There are no real frills as every thing has been slimmed down to fit into the HOLP style.

Bots use the map well and will give you a run for your money.  Pickups are spread around and there’s enough health without over-kill.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

Steady at around 40 to 45.  Didn’t see any dips.

Eye Candy 20/25

The Ancient textures return and so do the memory trips.  It’s great seeing them again and used in an oldskool style as well.  The overall look and lighting is good but there isn’t anything really special.  There was just enough variation to stop the repetitiveness but a few more textures and colours wouldn’t have hurt.  Also collision volumes should have been put around the blue crystals.  A couple of times my view was obstructed by the inside of one.

The  Details 12/15

Screenshot, playercount and music but nothing else.

Final Score 83/100

A good map that adheres to the HOLP style without being too simple or adventurous.



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