DM-Bonescraper By XYZ8000

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack

A disused factory bought by Liandri and converted to run duel and small deathmatches.

Gameplay 27/30

Very pure and hardcore.  Set at 2 to 4 players it’s also small enough for some true duelling action.  This is a real no frills, stripped  down style.  The bots hold their own through the map and give a good game.

Plenty of pick ups including the u-damage.  Some may think that the U-Damage may be too powerful for a duel match.  In a four-way match it’s fine.

There are a number of jumppads one of which only just lifts you high enough to reach the ledge above and the others bounce you too high.  These are unbalanced in their protection values.  A number of times I had to take a second attempt at the weaker one.

The layout is very good with nothing getting in the way of the flow.  That’s what this map does well.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Very good and around 45 to 55 sometimes even hitting the 60 mark.

Eye Candy 20/25

The industrial setting looks fine and the sky is also visible in places.

Industrial setting is fine but there is a lot of gray.  The lights are subtly coloured yet it’s not enough to break up all that gray.  Some variety in colour would make it a little better.  Not too much as it’s an industrial setting but maybe some hazard strips or orange warning lights or signs.

The Details 12/15

Screenshot, music and story are here but no readme.

Final Score 87/100

A good purist oldskool map with plenty of intensity.  It’s a shame about those jumppads and gray palette.



4 Responses to DM-Bonescraper By XYZ8000

  1. Thrallala says:

    Iirc, the name of this map is Bonescraper, not Bonecrusher 🙂

  2. Firefly says:

    the link over at the HOLP 2 page states it as bonecrusher
    I’ll check the ingame details later.

  3. giddy says:

    4 gigs of ram
    dual core processor
    radeon 4870
    almost a terabyte of free space… yet all I can find “fun” to do since yesterday is to play this map over and over and over and over and over and over…..

    Why are none of the overly detailed maps shipped with the game as fun as the less detailed maps built by the community?

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