CTF-Yoghourt By StratooS

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack.

A neon decorated, purpose built CTF map with the universe as a back drop.  Why was this built who knows but does it give hardcore thrills?

Gameplay 26/30

6 to 10 is the stated playercount and that’s well judged.  The distance between the two bases isn’t far and the flag rooms are small.  The bots do a good job defending but rarely venture outside the main central bridge section.  There are fairly wide side sections that always seemed deserted.

The layout is tight and hardcore around the bases and opens up a little through the centre.  A narrow walkway or beam straddles over a lava pit with the shock rifle being the bait in the centre.  I did notice on a few occasions that I spawned only to fall off a ledge.  Not a fatal fall but one that broke my concentration a little.  The paths to the flag basses is easy to memorise and you rarely get lost.

Performance 23/30 (Hardware)

Smooth but low for a HOLP map at around 35 to 40.  This map has more detail and effects than most HOLP style maps.

Eye Candy 19/25

There’s an additional level of detail that’s not normally seen in a HOLP map.  It feels as though it’s somewhere between HOLP style and normal UT3 look.  Maybe a little too detailed for a HOLP purist.  This has had the obvious effect on FPS.  The look is good though with lots of variety and colour.  The big white lights are too bright and washout the coloured decorations near them.  Its not a map you’ll want to play if you’re feeling a little rough from the night before.  Also the big struts that stick up at angles seem to defy gravity.

The look is good and enjoyable and a welcome change from the standard UT3 colour scheme.

The Details 12/15

Screenshot, music and playercountre here but as with all the maps in this HOLP pack no readme.

Final Score 80/100

A good map that stretches the HOLP label.  The layout is great and gives some good hardcore style action.  It’s let down by minor performance and graphical touches (lights etc)



One Response to CTF-Yoghourt By StratooS

  1. ne_skaju says:

    Of of my favorite HOLP-maps. With all neon effects its somewhat collide with overall idea of harcore style look.
    I like feeling of hazardous on this map, with this beam at map center. Its hard not to find way to enemy base and back, which is good.

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