CTF-Vogel By Mclogenog

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack.

A bricks and mortar lava installation.  There is no story or readme to explain it’s existence.

Gameplay 24/30

This is a small industrial CTF map built with the hardcore style very much in mind.  Multi-levels and two central areas make up this symmetrical map.  The flow is good and with the threat of lava baths it will keep you on your toes.  The layout is fine with lots of intertwined paths between the flags.  Also getting lost isn’t a problem.

Playercount is correct at 4 to 5.  Any more than that and it becomes a bit spammy.  The bots are always on the move and attack.  They don’t seem to like defending too much but they will cap the flag well.  They’re also good at support and cover when flag running.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

On the whole good at around 45 to 50.  Lots of animated lava textures do slow the FPS a little in places.  Only a little though.

Eye Candy 19/25

A clean but simple look that is carried off well but it could do with a bit more variety.  How about team coloured hazard strips with the yellow one in the centre parts. The crane seems to be an afterthought.  A couple more industrial structures would have enhanced the theme.  The lighting is good and well balanced and I like the CTF logos; not too bright or too big.  The wooden inlaid floors and metallic trims are a nice touch as well.

The Details 12/15

Screenshot, player count and music but no story or readme.

Final Score 82/100

A well made and fun map that conforms the HOLP standard a little too strictly.  Some detail here and there would have been nice.



2 Responses to CTF-Vogel By Mclogenog

  1. Mclogenog says:

    Hey, thanks for the review (I’ve been waiting for a holp review). I’m glad you liked it, and yes, as my first HOLP map I put a lot into making it work with the pack. Maybe too much of the same though. Thanks for the review, I’ll take your advice.


  2. ne_skaju says:

    Good thing wigh this maps its for very small playercounts: 2 to 3 per team.
    Visuals are bit boring, though. I’d like to see “art” version of this map, really.

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