CTF-Razor By H0ok

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack

Occam’s Razor facility is the last place where trees and grass grow.  A peer out the windows over the desert sands paint a bleak future for the planet.

Gameplay 26/30

Medium in playercount at 8 to 10 but feels larger.  Flow has been well thought out and good placement of pickups support the layout.  Not a huge amount of Z-Axis and it’s not purely hardcore in style.  That isn’t a bad thing though as the layout does work and flows well.

Enemy bots roam in packs and can be difficult to deal with.  Luckily though a team member is usually around to provide cover.  Defenders should find it fairly easy as there is a ramp leading straight to the flag.  This creates a bottleneck but this has been balanced somewhat by gaps in the side that can be translocated to and jumped out of.

Performance 22/30 (Hardware)

Not bad for a HOLP map at 35 to 40 but this is due to lots of material effects.

Eye Candy 28/30

This really feels like some scientific complex with the aforementioned artificially supported oasis and display cabinets dotted around.  The shiny marble surfaces and clean neon lighting really help the atmosphere.  There’s even signs of irrigation for the plant-life in the form of three beautiful waterfalls.

Team colouring is subtle with directional lights and coloured trim helping you move in the right direction.  There are also signs in Japanese katakana.  Unfortunately these mean nothing in Japanese but they do look good (I asked an expert on the Japanese language; my wife, who’s Japanese).

I saw one lighting error in the flog rooms.  Team coloured light cones and lighting but the light textures themselves were yellow.  The use of shadow is this maps strongest visual feature.  It’s really beautiful.

The Details 13/15

Story as well as the usually three but no readme.

Final Score 89/100

An amazing looking map with a great CTF layout It does stretch the HOLP standard a little though.  Those visuals do hurt the FPS.  It’s a HOLP map so performance is a key point and that kept it out of the nineties.



2 Responses to CTF-Razor By H0ok

  1. ne_skaju says:

    Map reminded me DM-Gestalt somewhat. I really like its graphical style, hope to see more maps with it. As for gameplay, didnt played it yet, — but is goind to 🙂

  2. Thrallala says:

    Of all HOLP2 maps, I think I liked this one most, the geometry work is amazing and very stylish.

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