CTF-Cardinal By Sjosz

Originally part of the HOLP 2 pack

Shane Church lives again.  It’s great to see the old stone walls once again but does the memory live on?

Gameplay 23/30

Playercount is set at 8 to 12 but I found this a shade too few.  If busy is your favourite then try 14.  The bots cap and fight without any obvious glitches or confusion.

The layout is a large network of wide passage ways that flow in and out hardcore style.  I did find the layout rather confusing at first as there weren’t many landmarks.  There are hanging flags and coloured lights but not obvious enough in the heat of battle.  Even though the flag rooms have multiple entrances they should be easy enough to protect for a competent pair of defenders.

Pickups are good with the U-damage in its traditional place in the centre of the map.  All the armour parts and boots can be found here.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

A HOLP style map so high FPS is expected and delivered.  It sits around the 45 to 55 mark all the time.

Eye Candy 22/25

A good mix of old and new.  I really like the way the aother found a good balance.  that’s especially important here as a classic texture pack has been used.  Nice stripped down layout but with a good amount of UT3 polish.  The stained glass textures are missing though but most of the Shane church collection has been faithfully reproduced here giving a nostalgic feel.  Lighting is good but some may find it a little dark in places. There were, in a couple of places, gravity-deifying masonry but on the whole very atmospheric.

The Details 12/15

Screenshot, music and player count are present but none of the maps in this pack (HOLP 2) come with any readme.

Final Score 84/100

A solid map let down a little by a confusing layout in the centre.  Otherwise a fun map that can take a large amount of players



2 Responses to CTF-Cardinal By Sjosz

  1. ne_skaju says:

    Good map, for big amount of players, though (which is rare in UT3…)

    Liked backgound.

  2. Mclogenog says:

    Amazing use of BSP, it insane that the editor didn’t strangle sjosz after he made it to 5000 brushes. They’re all put to good use though in making one of the most beautiful HOLP maps out there.

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