DM-Zetsuen By Jay Barnett

A long lost refuge once used to protect the women and children from the feudal wars of Japan.

Gameplay  18/30

The layout is spread out as it glows from building to courtyard to gardens.  There is very little Z-Axis play but plenty of long distance shots.  There are only one of each weapon in the map.  A map this size requires double the amount in many cases.  The Spider mine pickup is a welcome addition though.

The bots have difficulty navigating this map.  Even with a full load I have to go looking for them.  I wondered whether the map had been bot pathed so I opened it up in the editor.  The opposite had happened.  there were too many nodes.  This coupled with the very low amount of pickups meant the bots all stay in one place.

Performance 23/30 (Hardware)

Good for the most part at around 35 but this drops to the mid twenties in the various gardens due to the thick grass.  Plus I kept getting snagged on certain boulders set into the ground.

Eye Candy 19/25

Overall done well with good variety within the Asian theme.  The feel and atmosphere is there but it is hindered slightly.  The lighting in the outside areas has been done quite well if a little over-bright in places.  The interior lighting seems too uniform.  A lot of the flame emitters are also too big for the holders that they’ve been placed in.  A few of the meshes are not lit properly as well.

The Details 5/15

There’s a screenshot and music but everything else is a mess.  The zip file name  is the name of the author not the map and the readme  just has the default install instructions.  I had to dig into the map’s ini to find the back story.  The playercount field has been filled but with a link to the author’s website.  Hourences has a great guide on how to handle the readme and final zip package.

Final Score 65/100

A good looking map but let down by a lack of polish in completion and bot support.



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