DM-Tomac By Odedge

Inspired but not remade.  DM-Antalus from UT2k4 is the inspiration for DM-Tomac.  Similar but different.  This is situated on Kaimogen.  A recreation of Antalus, the valley of the hunters.

Gameplay 22/30

6 to 12 players is about right.  The bots don’t get stuck and will give you a good game.

Similar to Antalus but with a closer, tighter floorplan.  They layout is good and it allows for some good battles.  There is a playerstart that spawns you really close to an edge.  In a good way there are areas that will remind you of certain parts of Antalus.  The underground room and the lifts for example.  Pick ups are good if a little random in their placement; halfway up a cliff you’ll find some ammo.

Performance 20/30 (Hardware)

OK and around 30 to 40 with occasional dips below 30.  Nothing too serious though.

Eye Candy 18/25

It certainly feels like new Antalus.  Some areas do look nice with the trees dotted about and the Necris tubes reaching into the sky.  The rocky outcrops and cliffs have paths that wind in and out.  Several waterfalls and pools help a little to break up the flow of grass and rock.

The rocks are pretty repetitive though.  Couple this with very even lighting across the whole map means it does look samey.  Coloured lights or coloured ambient lighting would help.  Use a skydome with a big sunset and create some big shadows.

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, music and story that adds to the original.

Final Score 75/100

A good map that’s let down by repetition, lighting and detailing.  Keep making maps and you’ll do well.



2 Responses to DM-Tomac By Odedge

  1. Odedge says:

    Thanks for taking the time to review it. Since I wanted the map to be set in the day, the sun’s lighting will dominate the outdoors. The cave is intended to be darker. The rocks are present to reflect the Antalus style. If this was a original design, I would agree with you more, though I do respect your opinion. I do plan to make a night time vesion and hopefully the lighting will have more variety. : )

  2. Firefly says:

    Thank you for your comments.

    Looking forward to the night time one

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