DM-Tempest3 Converted By ilbeppe And JollyRulez

A classic from the original brought up to date for UT3.  The personal training ground of Xan Kriegor that is suspended high above New York City.

Gameplay 24/30

The layout does follow the layout of the original quite closely with very little change. So close that it’s a conversion rather than a new edition.  It sits comfortably between hardcore and standard in design and flow.  If you liked the original then you’ll like the layout here.  Pickups seem to follow the original as well

2 to 12 is the stated playercount but 2 is too low.  This is definitely not a duelling map.  The nearer to 10 to 12 you go the better it’ll be.  The bots have no problems running around the map and giving a good game.

Performance 26/30 (Hardware)

Pretty good at around 45 50.  Rarely dipping below 35.

Eye Candy 12/25

The mesh placement seem a little sporadic.  In some areas it begins to look quite good like the room with Jester floating in the tank.  Some areas though are quite sparse and seem unfinished.  I get the feeling that the focus became confused between an oldskool copy of the original or giving it the full UT3 engine treatment.

The lighting is also a little bland and general.   A map needs contrast and shadow.  This kills a lot of the atmosphere.

There are some nice touches here though.  The detail in the floor with the glass covered pipe ducts and detail.  It’s a shame that couldn’t have been carried on through the whole map.

The Details 15/15

Custom music by JollyRulez is a welcome edition and suits the map.  Screenshot, story and playercount all help the score here.

Final Score 77/100

A good try in bringing a classic back to UT3.  it would have received a better score If the mesh work and lighting had had a bit more time spent on it.

Download (Filefront)

Download (FilePlanet)

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3 Responses to DM-Tempest3 Converted By ilbeppe And JollyRulez

  1. ilbeppe says:

    Thanks for reviewing my map firefly.
    I used few meshes for getting more fps and giving it a old skool style, the main goal was to only convert the original map to ut3, adapting to the new engine.
    We had lot of work to do with this map, the map was made for giving best gameplay other than graphics. (It was our choise to have the map not filled up by meshes)
    I worked really hard covering all the doors with bloking volumes, you wont get stuck everywhere when you’re fighting.
    Thanks a lot, we did our best, hope you enjoy it.

  2. ne_skaju says:

    Note that map looks worse than UT1 version, decorations are too monotonuous. They are not only for eye candy — also for consideration in what location you are.

    Also, lights need to be rebuilt.

  3. JollyRulez says:

    Well, we will see. maybe a new edition in the future ;D

    Thanks for your review.

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