DM-Syrinx By Tres Walsh

This is a temple to the purple fire that was discovered.  The priests that worshipped it were granted all the gifts of life.

Gameplay 12/30

Very open and constructed using ramps and walkways.  While the layout itself isn’t bad there are problems.  The author used the Necris set and built the map outside in bright sunshine.  These are very detailed and the added effect of all the increased bloom compounded this problem.  It also made pickups hard to see as well.  The pickups were placed OK with enough ammunition.  Too little health though for my liking.

There are hidden lifts.  I’m not sure if that is deliberate or not but it isn’t a good idea.  Seeing an enemy suddenly disappear upwards as you fall off and end up dead in the water does not enhance the experience.  I was also puzzled as to the addition of a jumppad at the base of a ramp.  Especially as it jumps you to the top of said ramp.

There was no playercount listed nor was there a readme.  I went with the 5 that the game menu suggested.  This made for a very empty game.  This can handle around 8 or so.  It’s very important to state the player count so players know how to adjust the load to their tastes.  Some like it crowded and busy others prefer more space.  I found at least two spawnpoints that spawned me straight off the walkway.  When people are playing, their finger doesn’t leave the forward button.  Bear that in mind when placing these actors.

Performance (Hardware) 10/30

Not good at around 20 to 30 for a lot of the time.  Putting an open map over a big stretch of water and then placing a big waterfall at one end is really going to drag the FPS down.

Eye Candy 12/25

The main problem here is the amount of bloom used.  Some like it some don’t but here it’s too much.  Little is more when it comes to bloom.  The same can be said for depth of field.  I’m pretty certain the aother was trying to create a mist using DoF.  If that’s the case then using fog actors is better.  Fog obscures, not blurs, the scene.  This is closer to the real thing.

One end of the map looks OK.  The waterfall with the statue above it.  It is a frame rate killer though.  Some variation in the walkways and ramps would have improved the theme.

The Details 3/15

There was no readme also no playercount. Also a very weird screenshot that showed only the top part of the statue.  Always contain a readme in the zip when releasing your map.  Show level in the screenshot as well.  There was, however, music to accompany the level.

Final Score 37/100

The author should be applauded for having a go at mapping.  It’s not the easiest thing to learn and requires time and patience.  Ask people to beta test your map for you.  There’s threads at all the big forums where people will help you fine tune your creation.  Don’t give up, keep mapping and you’ll soon get it.  Hopefully some people will comment with advice below this review.



2 Responses to DM-Syrinx By Tres Walsh

  1. Tres Walsh says:

    Thanks for the review. Other than my UT2D map, this was effectively the first map I’ve ever created. I’m glad you didn’t find the layout horrendous.

  2. Firefly says:

    Keep going and you’ll make great maps. It is a steep learning curve.

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