DM-Prypiat by Ed Duke-Cox

As soon as this level fired up it rang a bell.  It’s a remake of DM-Morpheus from the original UT.  It’s a shame the author didn’t mention this in the read me or give credit to the original designer.  That said it is a pretty good one.  It’s set in the town of Prypiat, abandoned after the Chernobyl accident.

Gameplay 22/30

The player count states 2 to 12.  I played with 5 and it felt busy.  Either dueling or around 4 is ideal.  The bots put up a good fight and keep you entertained.  It’s smaller than Morpheus yet still the same basic layout which is no bad thing.  Weapons and ammo are where they were in the original but with slight variations.  What is new is invisibility.  It’s not used much in other maps so it’s a welcome change.  The other pickups were armour, belt and the DA but no redeemer.  Flow was pretty good with no snag-tooth geometry.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

It stayed steady with very few slowdowns.  I was getting 35 to 45 consistently even with a lot of bots.

Eye Candy 18/25

This looks and feels more believable than the original.  The ruined blocks of flats do look condemned.  You’re fighting over the roof tops after a nuclear meltdown at the neighbouring Chernobyl plant. Neatly explains the low gravity and change in post processing when you hit the lower floor.  The low gravity makes for some very entertaining rag-doll deaths as well as bodies flying high in the sky.  I didn’t like the way the top parts of the buildings had seemingly been copied.  Identical windows, wiremesh fence and cooling towers.  Some variation in meshes not just height would have been nice.

The Details 12/15

It comes with a menu screenshot and cool back story.  Also some very familiar music :D.  The name “Prypiat” is the town that was abandoned after the Chernobyl accident.  (Wiki reference)

Final Score 77/100

All in all this map is worth downloading and certainly deserves server rotation.



3 Responses to DM-Prypiat by Ed Duke-Cox

  1. Cosmix says:

    Nice review. Short and significant . I’m very curious about the leveling of upcoming reviews. Some maps will raise the bar, some others will fail. DM-Prypiat is the first one. Further maps have to match with that score/quality.

  2. MinisterFish says:

    I agree with Cosmix, but have faith in Firefly since I know that he has experience with reviewing levels/maps in the past. I do think there needs to be a better metric on performance though because of the difference in people’s hardware.

  3. Firefly says:

    Thanks for the feed back and the vote of confidence. Check the hardware page to see if your rig is faster or slower than mine. Hopefully that should give you some idea.

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