DM-MJ-Seclusion By MJPoland

A derelict facility on the side of a great sea, miles from anywhere.  It’s purpose, long forgotten.

Gameplay 16/30

The layout is a hotchpotch of rooms and walkways with an outside area.  The main building has a bio pool at the bottom with walkways covering it.  Jumppads allow access to the upper floors as well as a lift.  Access to the outside is possible.  This includes the roof as well as some of the rocky terrain surrounding it.  The rocky area has a couple of places where I got stuck.  I had to hammer jump to escape from the holes.

Inside the layout seems jumbled and random as if the author had no clear floor plan in mind when he started it.  There is a light switch that flicks the lights in a particular area on and off.  Nice idea but this doesn’t affect the bots.

The playercount is set at 2 to 6.  I think it’s a little bit large to be a dueller but it’s the right size for 6 or so.  The bots navigate OK but I didn’t see them go outside.

Performance 18/30 (Hardware)

25 to 35; not good in places but OK in others.  This is due to all the emitters.  Waterfalls, sparks and flames as well as others.  These all take chunks out of the FPS.

Eye Candy 11/25

The mesh placement is seemingly random.  there’s no consistent theme in any of the indoor areas.  This leads to no atmosphere or immersion.  A level has to make sense even if it’s just a general theme.

Lighting is overdone in places.  The colours given off by some of the lights doesn’t match the textures on the meshes.  Less is more when dealing with coloured lights.

The waterfalls outside along the coast are done quite nicely.  In fact the outside area is the map’s best feature looks wise.

The Details 10/15

Screenshot, music but no readme.

Final Score 55/100

Focus on a theme and plan out your floorplan.  Only use two or three packages and less colour in the lights.  Look around for real world pictorial references either online of outside.  Use a camera if you can.  You can make some nice areas such as the waterfalls so just focus on learning layout and theme.



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