DM-MJ-Flamer2 By MJpoland

It’s hot in here.  Did anyone bring the burgers?  Deathmatching in an inferno, burning in a warehouse/factory is certainly original as far as I know.  Like DM-Bagger this is a great stab at trying to add some originality into a map but it has flaws.

Gameplay 18/30

Bot count is stated at 2-6 and I would agree with that.  Fighting takes place on two levels.  On the ground floor and on metal walkways.  There’s a main room with a couple of smaller areas connected to it.  The flow is pretty good and the bots manage the basics well enough.  One big AI problem though.  In a central cage there is the U-Damage.  Above that is a chute that ‘s only accessible via a hole in its side.  This is set at the same height as the first floor.  To get through this takes a well aimed jump.  This really confuses the bots.  I never saw (or heard) the U-Damage taken or used.

The fire does cause damage but not enough to be annoying.  The author has got this just right.  It does make you quite wary but sometimes you might take a risk.  Also, being able to push opponents back into the flames adds a new tactical element.

Performance 12/30 (Hardware)

Frame rates weren’t wonderful at around 20-35.  There are a lot of emitters and that does hit the fps.  It would have been better to have smaller rooms with only one or two emitters in each.  Or how about splitting the room up with stacks of crates of big machinery so that only one or two can be seen?

Eye Candy 10/25

I like the imaginative use of meshes throughout the map.  There are also flashes of great design like the haylon doorway.  It’s a shame they’re over-shadowed by the mistakes.  The mesh placement seems to be a little random.  Although there is an attempt to give purpose such as the sparking generator room, there’s no way of telling what the place could have been used for.  Consistency and purpose are missing here.

Some of the flame emitters switch themselves on and off.  It seems to happen when you get close to some of them.  A variation in size as well shape would have lent a more realist feel.  Also the lighting seems a bit off.  There’s a raging inferno going on yet there’s very little red light and no heat haze.  Some post-processing would have help the visuals.  On one side and around the stairs you can see out.  This has been done quite nicely but it is spoilt by the flame bug and lighting.  The stairs themselves have been done quite well except for the roof.

The Details 5/15

Player count is listed but no screenshot or music.  There’s no story or history  in the readme to flesh out why this place is on fire or any reason for it’s existence.

Final Score 45/100

I wish I could give this spark of originality more but the performance, emitters and mesh use bring the score down.  Also finish the package by including the finer points that I’ve spoken about in “The Details” section.  It’s a typical second map and certainly not a nuub cube.  The author has learnt a few UED tricks and has shown some great potential.  MJpoland, please keep mapping because we need your imagination in the community.



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  1. siurek says:

    za maly ten score, dalbym spokojnie 80/100

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