DM-Kenchojin By Opiumunknown

A small but open DM with an oriental theme.  The focus here is more on medium to long range fighting.  Not much Z but plenty of X and Y.

Gameplay 24/30

There was no player count listed so I went with 5.  Around 7 and it gets a little spammy.  The area has a traditional arena style layout that’s not immediately obvious.  A central building surrounded by wide courtyards with a terraces skirting the outer perimeter.  Weapons are well placed with no snaggy architecture or BSP holes.  The U-damage is located under the central building but right next to it is the keg.  The keg should have either been scrapped or put at one end of the map.  Chojin can mean superhuman in Japanese (my wife is Japanese;) ).  Maybe this is what the author was trying to achieve.  It does affect the gameplay in a bad way though.  These two thing in close proximity to each other made the bots hang around the centre.  Only rarely did they venture to the outer reaches of the map.

Performance 20/30 (Hardware)

Because of the open plan nature of the map the fps did dip occasionally but only when viewing from the corners or across the wider spaces.  Still acceptable though.

Eye Candy 18/25

It certainly looks oriental although it didn’t feel like it had an original purpose.  The lighting however was overly dark.  I know the map is set at night but more incidental light sources here and there are needed.  For example, in front of the big bell.  The mountains surrounding the edge were dark and threatening and these  were a perfect backdrop.

The Details 5/15

Music, backstory and player count are missing as are many sound effects.  This takes away some of the atmosphere and life from the map.  A screenshot is present though.

Final Score 67/100

A tidy map let down by the lack of lighting, atmosphere and the keg placement.



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