DM-Cogworks By Cooloola

Once an energy plant but now an arena for duellers.  The plant was all but destroyed by the rioting workers angry about the accident rate.

Gameplay 27/30

Playercount set at 2 this makes it a duellers map.  It’s small and compact enough with a real hardcore feel. This will fill up very quickly although you could squeeze another person or bot in here. Bots have no difficulty in navigating this map and I didn’t spot any confusion.

None of the major weaponry makes an appearance of course but armour does.  The armour is in a pool of water that slows you down and adds a nice bit of risk.  It’s good to see that the U-Damage isn’t in here.  Too many duel maps have been spoilt by that addition.

Performance 24/30 (Hardware)

Stable at around the 30 to 40 mark with no nasty surprises

Eye Candy 22/25

Very nice and consistent industrial theme with great lighting.  It does look unique.  Surprisingly there is almost no custom content.  The post processing and lighting help the grimy and dirty feeling and I love the steampunkish feel.  There was one small HOM next to the lift

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, story music etc.  All here.

Final Score 88/100

A very tidy map that should grace all the duelling servers out there as well as your local collection.



2 Responses to DM-Cogworks By Cooloola

  1. Wael says:

    Thanks for the kind words Firefly!

  2. Swanky says:

    From what I have seen, I don’t like the flares which are too bright and I miss the great shadowwork from the UT version of this map.

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