DM-Biosource By RennyManJr

Q3Tourney4 from Quake 3 Arena remixed HOLP style.  This is part of one of the seven Bio-Ges factories that are scattered around Na-Pali, all built by Liandri.  This is set in one wing of one of those factories, upgraded to a 1 on 1 arena to stop the miners getting bored.

Gameplay 24/30

Playercount set at 2 to 6 and that’s spot on.  5 felt just right to me.  The layout is  similar to the original but has a couple of changes.  There is an extra room containing ramps to the first floor and the central room has lost it’s tower and TV screen. The layout in general has been jigged around a bit to good effect.

Being built along the principles of the HOLP packs, it comes as no surprise that this map is a Hardcore map.  It succeeds quite well in that respect with good flow.  Pickups are placed well with just the right amounts of health dotted around.  The jumppads are the in the same place as the original.

Performance 28/30

Usually around the 45-55 with occasional dips below.  It’s a low poly style map so if it did badly here then that would be a big fail.

Eye Candy 17/25

It’s not a carbon copy of Q3Tourney4 but it is instantly recognisable.  Plenty of “Oh I remember this” when you first spawn in.  The HOLP style does lend itself quite well to old (retro?) style maps.

With the HOLP mantra in mind it looks good but a little too clean.  I know it’s a HOLP style map but it could have done with a few more meshes or texture changes on the walls.  The textures repeat all the way round.  A pillar or support embedded in the wall wouldn’t have cost any extra in FPS.

It’s low-poly but it still has little flourishes of detail here and there.  The green neon set into the floor and the cutouts in the walkways look very nice and feel subtly quake3.  The neon could have been used elsewhere, just as little spots, to brighten the upper floors a little.

The Details 15/15

All here and correct.

Final Score 84/100

A good map that adheres to the HOLP principles a little too tightly in places but nevertheless a fun map to play.  It’s also worth a look if you have fond memories of Q3A.



2 Responses to DM-Biosource By RennyManJr

  1. RennyManJr says:

    Thanks a lot for the review 🙂

    At the end i drop the ball with adding details because of the lack of good and clean bsp textures in the UT3 packages.
    My next map will probably be another HOLP style map, but i’ll make my own textures, that’s for sure.

  2. Firefly says:

    Thanks, np
    looking forward to it
    That’s the only real reason why it wasn’t over 90

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