DM-Bagger By Kevboy

Based on the real Bagger 288 (yes this thing actually exists) DM-Bagger by Kevboy is a solid stab at originality.  In the readme he states that this was the main goal when creating this map.  I would say he has achieved this but at a price.

Gameplay 15/30

The player load said 4 to 12.  I found 8 to 10 to be a good busy experience.  Lower than that and it becomes empty.  I found I spawned in only to drop off an edge.  Rotating the playerstarts so this doesn’t happen would have been a good.  The bots do a good job of navigating the narrow walkways and even jumping successfully from beam to beam.  This does hurt flow though.  I even saw one had managed to navigate to the very top of the map.  The map is one long area with some z-axis in the middle.  This z-axis is limited because it’s all on the outside of the excavator.  It would have been nice to be able to venture in and shoot through windows for example.

There is a U-damage and invincibility that is stuck on the big wheel at the front, literally.  This a a good try at adding some unique risk, it almost works.  Every time I tried to grab them I’d get scooped up and dumped onto the lava.  If I’d managed to grab the invincibility I’d, of course, survive.  By the time I managed to get back onto the excavator it had worn off.  This made it a little pointless trying for the invincibility.  Two rocket launchers are found at the top via small lifts.  Not a problem but there’s no way back down without a lot of damage or a great deal of risk.  Rocket launchers aren’t really worth that.  Moving the Redeemer up there would have been better.  There are a lot of pickups tucked away.  I kept on finding things here and there.  Item placement did feel a little random at times.  Most of the pick-ups are situated in the central part.  This attracts the bots so they rarely venture to the extremes.

Performance 15/30 (Hardware)

Most of the time a lot of the map is in view which has a negative impact on the fps.  this hung around the 25 to 35.  Still playable but noticeable.

Eye Candy 17/25

The feeling of being a lava hell-hole on mars is carried over quite well.  It looks like it’s real-life counterpart.  The custom textures could do with more detail such as cracked and blistered paint for example.  There is a conveyor belt running through this carrying rocks.  These rocks behave in a very strange way.  Appearing and disappearing randomly as well as rotating.  Also pick-ups placed on the belt stayed where they were.

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, sound effects are present.  Also standard music, playercount and the fact it’s based on such a bizarre “vehicle” means it scores well here.

Final Score 62/100

A rough diamond of a map.  The author does say this in the readme and I’d agree but also there are some flaws that do hurt the gameplay.  Big props for thinking outside the box though.  I hope you go on to make more.



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