DM-1on1-Spliff By Kamil R

A dueller inspired by DM-1on1-Trite from UT2k4.  No other background given.

Gameplay.  10/30

A small, hardcore style duelling map that’s the right size for the duel style gameplay although  two more could be squeezed in here if you like it busy.  The bots can navigate this quite well but jump boots tend to confuse them if not handled carefully and lift jumping is beyond them.  Lift jumping and aerial tricks are good but only as gimmicks.  Maps shouldn’t be built around these features.

Some thought has gone into pick up placement but it needs more work.  More risk/reward theology needed when placing items and weapons.  For example, swapping the jumpboots with the armour would be better.  The jumpboots are currently in a dead-end which is more suited to a defensive pick up.

The layout is OK  but it feels random.  This is due to it being one big open space with ramps, walkways and walls seemingly stuck in at random.  A hardcore map, even a duellers map, needs at least 2 or three areas with archways or doorways connecting them.  Open maps don’t make for good 1 on 1 layouts plus the lack of atmosphere hampers the gameplay as well (see Eye Candy).

Performance  25/30 (Hardware)

Not much going on in here so the frames are quite high.

Eye Candy 8/25

The author did state in the readme that BSP was used over meshes to allow a higher frame rate.  HOLP style maps are stripped down but they also convey a sense of place and atmosphere.  Unfortunately this just feels unfinished.  Things placed in here don’t make sense like the boxes on the pipes near the ceiling or the window stuck on the side of a walkway.  It’s function is good from a flow point of view but  HOLP style maps don’t just focus on the flow.  Eye candy effects the gameplay as it gives a believable area and reason why the place exists.

The flat high walls and ceiling amplify the feeling of being in a box rather than an industrial place.  Part of the skill of level designing is tricking the player into thinking thats where they aren’t.  Lighting can also go a long way into creating this feeling or immersion.  The lighting is over done and too bright.  The light fixtures don’t mach the amount of light being given off.  Also consider the way light works and try using different ways amd lighting actors.  when you’re out and about in school or work or where ever, look at real light and the surfaces it reflects off and the way it behaves.

The Details 10/15

All here but no story plus it doesn’t feel much like Trite.  Also next time put your name at the top of the readme.  I had to hunt for it.

Final Score 53/100

The author seems to be getting to grips with flow but needs to study other people’s maps to see how they’ve put theirs together.  If you look at a good HOLP map you’ll see the layout is the same as any other good hardcore map but with less brushes, not less atmosphere.  I hope Kamil R can take this constructive criticism and use it to create great maps.  Level designing takes time to learn and even longer to perfect (if it ever can be perfected).  Good luck and keep going.



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