CTF-Zeus By ltClifff

This small CTF map has a very distinct look to it.  It’s also very small.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  White bricks and coloured glass carry the style off well.

Gameplay 20/30

It’s small….very small.  2-6 is the stated player count.  I would put no more than 4 players in here.  It flows much better when you do.  I had a much better game with this amount, far less spammy.  It becomes more intense and focused.  On 6 the central tunnel  becomes a very blood soaked frag pit.  There are no other routes between the flags other than a walkway directly above it.  Another route away from the central tunnel would have been ideal.  The bots become very predictable as they use the bottom one significantly more than the walkway.  Largely due to the longer path the bots have to take to get the armour.  The shock rifle is the main weapon here but I think the stinger would have been better.  The shock rifle is a long range weapon and this makes it over-powered on smaller maps like this.  Occasionally I, and the bots, got snagged up on those flower beds just outside the tunnel.  On the whole though gameplay was good just cramped.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

As you can imagine there were virtually no performance issues due to the size and clean lines.  Although the constant stream of gibbs occasionally made the fps dip.

Eye Candy 15/25

The coloured glass and trim really go well with the light coloured brickwork.  Plus the tress in each base offer a welcome break to the masonry.  The style is fine but it doesn’t match the back story.  It’s meant to be a research facility yet I found no evidence of this.  The skyline does match the map though.  Glass and chrome skyscrapers and trees all seem to fit the theme but not the story.

The Details 9/15

Standard music, screenshot and backstory are all part of the package here.  The map’s name is CTF-Zeus yet the file name is CTF-LTC_Zeus.  Why not choose one?

Final Score 71/100

All in a very competently designed map with no real bugs.  If up close and personal CTF is your thing then you should give this a try.



One Response to CTF-Zeus By ltClifff

  1. LtClifff says:

    Hey! Thanks alot for the review! I may go back and revise the map with some of the changes you mentioned, though please dont think this means im asking for another review.

    Im quite chuffed with the 71/100 😀

    PS: The reason I had LTC as the filename is so that it would list all and any maps i make, one after the other in the menu, instead of all spread out. Plus many people do not like to have abreviations in front of names 😀

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