CTF-SafeGuard3 By Bryan Sparksman

A CTF map set in a future high above a city skyline.  Why? who knows.

Gameplay 26/30

Medium sized with a 6 to 10 playercount.  I found ten is good and that gave me action almost everywhere.  Bots liked the map and capped before I’d even seen the opposing flag room.

The layout is a simple and long “bone” shape with the flag rooms set under the main part accessible via stairs and two corridors.  The flag rooms themselves have more than one entrance.  The defenders will need to look in all directions to keep the flag.  There are more ways in than out though.  The two bases and the routes between them are clearly labelled and colour coded.

Pickups are good with the U-Damage making an appearance in the centre and two kegs at either end of the central two-way thoroughfare.  One or two of the jumppads are a little too energetic and you bag your head on the ceiling.  Landing a little bit further in would be better.  On the whole though very good CTF action.

Performance 20/30 (Hardware)

OK at around 30 to 40.  There were no unexpected dips.

Eye Candy 22/25

Very nice and industrial.  The detail is great without it being too overpowering.  The other players/bots can be seen fairly easily.  Views outside the many windows are nice giving a sense of depth the map.  There’s also ledges where you can get a nice view over the city. I did find it a little too bright and saturated though.  Also a little too much bloom but only a little.  Minor points on great visuals.

The Details 13/15

Screenshot, playercount and music but no story.

Final Score 81/100

A really good map if a little simple in layout.  Visually very appealing and has a nice atmosphere.



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