CTF-Facingworlds2 By UTGangster

Inoxx’s classic brought to UT3 by UTGangster.  Rebuilt by Liandri after the first was destroyed by a meteorite.  This tougher and more open Face quickly became a firm favourite of the tournament circuit.

Gameplay 21/30

There are certain things needed to make a Face map a Face map.  Sniper friendly, two towers, a bridge with two routes across and a nausea inducing space back drop.  I’m happy to say that these are all present.  The bases are a lot closer together.  This gives the sniper a little less time but the bases themselves are more open.  More sniping positions are also available, not just high up in the towers but within the bases themselves.  This makes for a tighter and less frustrating game.

4 to 10 is the playercount which is about right.  The bots are OK for the most part but I did spot them getting confused on at least two occasions.  One was trying to use a jumppad but hitting an invisible barrier at the apex of his jump.  This bounced him back down.  I also saw one trying to jump through the front wall of one of the bases.  The bases themselves are a little simple with the flag placed at the back.  Maybe a slight difference in floor height

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

Very good.  Always around the 40 mark with no drops.

Eye Candy 19/25

With the Indus-tech look of 2k3’s version plus a good visual overhaul thanks to the UT3 engine, this looks good.  The rotating spacescape and large planet are nicely done as is the big solar flare.  It’s detailed but not busy or too distracting.

A few little problems.  I felt there was a shade too much bloom and the light boxes don’t make sense.  Would dust be floating around like that in space?  On the whole, though, a good looking map.

The Details 13/15

It’s all here apart from the readme.  The story is obtained from the ini file.

Final Score 80/100

It has the essentials that allow for a good game and Face lovers will find happiness here.  It just lacks a little bit of polish in the bases and bot navigation grid.



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