CTF-Eurus By Cooloola

A dark, rainy map in an industrial urban setting.  No background given.

Gameplay 24/30

Layout is tight and twisty hardcore with a mixture of  tall, imposing walls and low ceilings.  Use of splash damage will be your friend in here.  Routes to and from the flags are numerous but not confusing.  You’ll soon memorize the routes

The playercount is set at 6 to 10 and I find that 10 is a good number.  Any more than that and it will quickly fill up.  The bots have no difficulty in getting around or giving you a good game.  Frame rates are a problem on this map though.

Performance 18/30 (Hardware)

On the 30 mark for some of the time but it does dip badly (around 20) in the flag bases as well as in some other areas.  Too much rain is probably the culprit as well as the map being surrounded by water.

Eye Candy 23/25

This has bags of atmosphere and grim looks.  It will be a little too dark in places for some but overall it’s been put together well.  Based out of the author’s other map, DM-Cogworks and it does carry a very similar theme.   The lighting is done well if a little strong in places.  The post-processing is just right though, subtly changing when going from one end to the other.

The Details 14/15

All here bar a backstory.

Final Score 79/100

A competently built map with great looks but the rain does impact on the frame rates a bit too much.  This will be a little too much for some.



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