CTF-EagleNest By Manun

The Eagle’s Nest was was Hitler’s retreat high in the German alps.  This seems to be the inspiration for Manun’s creation.  There’s no resemblance between Kehlsteinhaus, the real Eagle’s Nest and this map.

Gameplay 21/30

Playercount is set at 6 to 10.  I played with 10 and that felt OK.  There is room for a few more.  The bots did work the map well and capped properly.

The layout is initially confusing in this fairly large map.  The path is You’ll need the direction arrows for the first few flag runs.  The bases have been built with a nod towards realism but both feet are firmly planted in the gameplay camp.  The paths between the bases leads through a complex of caverns.  These lead into the bases in several ways.  The defenders are going to be kept very busy here.  Defenders do have a good view from several balconies but they will need to keep moving to cover all the angles.

Falling into the rivers posed a problem as it doesn’t kill you.  You have to swim to the shore and then fire your translocator to get out.  This may annoy some people.  Also, the route through the caves is disorientating, more signs or landmarks would have helped here.

Performance 18/30 (Hardware)

A mixed bag here.  The worst areas were the emitters at the base of the waterfall and the pools in the caves.  At the base of the waterfall the FPS dropped to below 10 and in the caves below 20.  In the bases it was better at around 30 to 40.

Eye Candy 18/25

A lot of effort has gone in to creating a certain look.  The feeling of these buildings nestled into the mountain side is carried over fairly well.  The waterfalls look good and the whole place does have a nighttime atmosphere.  The buildings do feel a little small in scale but not by much though and the towers silhouetted in the distance are a little on the big side.  They do fit the theme and are very imposing which adds to the atmosphere.

The Details 12/15

Most of them are here.  Just missing a story or some nod toward the history behind the name.

Final Score 70/100

While it has its faults it’s an ambitious map with some good gameplay.  There is good fun to be had in this map.



2 Responses to CTF-EagleNest By Manun

  1. Ali Amini says:

    Hi,Thanks for review.this map build from images of gamirasu cave hotel in turkey.and one of those shots name was eagles-nested suite.
    note:this map build very fast without beta test because my time is short.:)

  2. Firefly says:

    Glad you like the review.
    Thanks for expanding the story behind the map.
    Why rush the map?

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