WAR-CBP3-Meditation By MozI

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

Don’t just study the art of war, meditate on it.  There’ll be no peace and meditating in this valley though.  If you do you’ll have to go looking for your navel.

Gameplay 26/30

8 to 10 is about right here.  They attacked and defended the bases and nodes well.  The games tend to last long as there’s only one way in.  Also the defence spawn right by the main core and that makes the bases very easy to defend.  A team effort is needed to assault these bases.

The layout is simple, two bases and a valley of death between them.  Opposite the basses are other nodes that spawn Goliaths.  Sometimes simple is better and that’s the case here.  Grab your weapons and vehicles and charge down the hill.

In the middle is a wide bridge that spans the width of the valley.  Controlling this centre node is vital as you get a good view of the valley.  Especially the enemy coming down the hill.  Good, fun gameplay but…..

Performance 23/30 (Hardware)

Perfomance is not too good in the main valley area.  This was around 20 to30.  I think it’s all the grass on the hills as well as being able to see most of the map in most places.  A wall or large gate in front of the bases would help the performance.  It really is noticeable when charging up the hill.  In the bases it gets a bit better getting up to the mid thirties.

Eye Candy 22/25

The misty mountains surround these castles and lend an overcast light to the valley.  This does make thing look a little grey though.  The bases look oriental with the traditional red woodwork trim on the grey-white stonework.  Lots of atmosphere and places where you can see out towards other parts of the complex.  This helps build the feeling of being part of something bigger.  I also like the big claps of thunder that roll in over the mountains.

The Details 15/15

All here and in working order

Final Score 86/100

A great layout but hampered a little by a lower framerate.   Everything else though works and you should have fun with this.



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