DM-CBP3-Thor By N3odoc

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

The rain and the thunder beat down on the combatants blurring their vision.  Fighting for this once great town.  This features a rain storm that comes and goes throughout the matches.  This seems to be based on Vengeance by the same author.  There’s more work in this map that a simple conversion though.

Gameplay 27/30

Player count set at 2 to 4 makes this a dueller’s map.  A role it plays well.  If you’ve been missing the 1 on 1 style maps then this is one you’ll add to your rotation.  It is a small map though and will quickly get crowded.  The dark corridors mixed with the open areas make for tense 1 on 1 matches.  It’s hardcore in feel and design with the flow leading you around.

Bots behave themselves in here and I didn’t see any problems.

Performance (Hardware) 26/30

35 to 40; smooth except when it rained.  It’s a lovely effect but it does cause noticeable slowdown.  Costs about 5 FPS or so.  Only slows down when you’re getting wet so to speak.

Eye Candy 22/25

Very beautiful and plenty of wow factor.  The rain is done well but I’m not sure about the colour of the lightning; purple.  It’s set at night so the flashes of lightning distract you and add to the gameplay.

The Details 15/15

All here but the music did seem a little thin on the ground.  It’s there but only in isolated places.

Final Score 90/100

A very nice, tight duelling map with a great weather feature.  The framerates do suffer a little when the rain comes though.



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