DM-CBP3-Solar By KaMi

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

A forgotten town under a relentless sun.  It’s not just the shrapnel that will burn you.  Hope you brought your sun cream.

Gameplay 27/30

Similar in theme to KaMi’s CTF-CBP3-Arean but it’s not a conversion.  The layout is quite different.  Flow is good and pure.  Hardcore fans will like this.  Everything flows in and out like a hardcore DM should do.  The U-Dam makes an appearance here in a nice risky location, watch you don’t slip. Pick-ups are plentiful but not too many.

Bots are set at 2 to 6.  2 is too few.  This is a bit large for a duel map but spawn around 5 or 6 in and it becomes nice and busy.  I didn’t spot any bots having blond moments.  They gave a good fight and should keep you entertained.

Performance 24/30 (Hardware)

Quite a big variation at around the 30 to 45 mark.  The view from the snipergun pick-up was the worst area at around 25.  Not much FPS head room here.

Eye Candy 22/25

The lighting really makes this map.  Lots of detail and touches like the waterfall and the plant life set into the rock face.  The almost 1920s style architecture give this place an atmosphere.  It really feels like it was once a great and proud place.  It has the same look and feel to KaMi’s other map in this pack CTF-CBP3-Arean.  Really great work here.

The custom content really help develop the theme.

The Details 15/15

All ticked and correct.

Final Score 88/100

The performance was not stable plus the dip into the mid twenties stopped this from getting a higher mark.  Everything else about the map though is excellent.



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