DM-CBP3-Decay By EvilMrFrank

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

An old Monastery style settlement set on a tropical mountainside.  If plasma burns more than sunburn are your thing then maybe this is your paradise.

Gameplay 26/30

No surprises good or bad here just straight forward deathmatch.  No gimmicks or traps just an itchy trigger finger needed to survive.  The bot count is stated at 4 to 8.  First I played with 6 but soon added two more.  I would say around 8 is good here.  Flow is as you would expect from a hardcore style map.  Not fully open like the really pure ones but has that feel and flow.

Bots navigate well and surprise you from time to time.  Watch out as some do camp and snipe very effectively.  The keg and U-Dam are tricky to get to with the boots making it a little easier.  Plenty of weapons and health are around but not too much.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

30 to 40 with the occasional dip to the twenties.  The map is quite open up top with views to a lot of animation (waterfalls and blowing leaves etc).  This has an effect on the fps.

Eye Candy 23/25

This is a beautiful looking map.  Take some time to walk around without any bots.  Checkout the waterfalls and just chill-out.  The post-processing is just right.  It adds atmosphere but doesn’t overpower the visuals.  Just one minor niggle.  Would the light beams be highlighting that much dust or smoke in the daylight and with strong wind blowing (leaves occasionally blow across the courtyards?

For the most part though, very nice.

The Details 12/15

All here; screenshot, playercount and music.  The back story is a little thin though.

Final Score 86/100

An excellent DM with some great visuals.  Those visuals do dent the fps a little though.  A good all round  appealing map that will keep the DM fan happy for a while.



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