CTF-CBP3-Vengeance By N3odoc

Originally Part of the CBPM Vol 2 Pack

AAArgh, the slaves are revolting (it’s their nasty finger sniffing habits).  Might be why there’s fighting in this old industrial mining complex.  The complex is staffed by slaves whilst it mines ore from the surrounding rock.

Gameplay 27/30

6 to 10 bots it says and that’s a good number.  It’s not an open map so it’ll get crowded quickly.  That’s not to say its cramped or claustrophobic.  There’s room to jump around and try to avoid incoming fire.  Bots do navigate this with ease and I spotted no hang-ups or confusion.  The flag rooms favour neither defence or attack being quite well balanced.

This has that UT99 feeling and flow.  The two flags are closer together than you first realise.  There are some sneaky paths through the centre of this map so it’ll take a while to master this one.  This uses DM-Thor as a base but has been added to considerably.

Performance (Hardware) 24/30

Not bad as it hung around the 30 to 40 range.  Lots of detail and you can see quite a way into the map in some spots.

Eye Candy 26/30

Lots of detail and urban decay.  The look and atmosphere is carried off really well with lots of debris on the floor and broken walls, rusty pipe work and the like.  Didn’t see much working machinery; it’s supposed to be operational ore processing outfit.  This is a real treat for the eyes.

The Details 15/15

All present and correct.

Final Score 92/100

A beautiful, solid and rewarding CTF experience.  Those good looks to take a little bite out of the FPS though.



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