CTF-CBP3-Morgoth By Monger

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

What was once good and honorable became corrupt.  These two castles stood against a great enemy but that enemy, Morgoth was too strong and corrupted them.  That was many ages ago.  Now Liandri (their head office must be vast) use it for the tournament.

Gameplay 27/30

A big map with a big playercount, 12 to 16.  I like playing with the full compliment of 16 and it feels just right.  Never left alone for too long yet not swamped.  At first glance the map looks complicated with it’s twisting side paths, bridges and walkways.  I was surprised though how quickly I managed to memorise it.  Each area does look unique yet part of the map.

The bots navigate and run around very well bit supporting and attacking when they’re supposed to.  The flag cap rate is slower due to the size of the map but you’re never alone for long.  Your team always seem to be in the right place to provide cover.

Performance 28/30 (Hardware)

Very good.  I was getting above 40 even hitting 60 in places.

Eye Candy 20/25

Good throughout with bags of atmosphere with lots of custom stuff.  There are two issues I spotted; pop-up and confused flames.  The pop-up is due to the level streaming.  This is necessary in large open maps like this but maybe the cull distance could have been lengthened a little.  That would have cost a few FPS but the trade-off would have been worth it.

Some of the torches dotted around seem to be confused as to which way the wind’s blowing.  The flames are going one way but the sparks are going in the opposite direction.

These are relatively minor but it does jar the immersion a bit.

The Details 15/15

All the usual bits and pieces are here and a cool story that gives the place a sence of being.

Final Score 90/100

On the whole a great map that’ll provide a load of gibs and laughs.



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