CTF-CBP3-Krodan By Hourences

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

Krodan was originally released in DM format a while ago.  Now it’s been converted to CTF flavour.  This is one neighbourly fight that should be enjoyable.

Gameplay 27/30

This a small to medium map with a player load of 6 to 10.  That’s set about right as the tight and twisting tunnels leave no room for error.  That’s not to say it’s room-corridor-room, far from it.  The layout suits the environment in a realistic but fun way.  The bases seem to be defender friendly with the bridge leading up to the flag and being over looked by several ledges.  This sounds unbalanced but it isn’t.  Where ever the defence sits they are in view of incoming attackers.  Defence becomes tricky as you can’t look in every direction at once.

Bots navigate the map easily and cap with a smile on their faces.  They all play their given roles fine.

The shieldbelt involves a swim and you are a fish in a barrel with only one obvious way out without the translocator.  I didn’t see any bots grab the belt but I did see them wearing it.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

Excellent in all areas.  This is largely due to the layout and nature of the theme.  You can never see very far ahead as you navigate the tunnels and ledges.  Even the flag “rooms” don’t hit the FPS much.  It did dip in the water (no pun intended).

Eye Candy 23/25

For a few minutes I was wondering what was so different about this map.  Then I realised what it was.  Colour; this map has lots of colour.  It really threw me for a minute.  It’s so nice to see some colour in a UT3 map.  It’s mainly in the flora and fauna that’s liberally scattered around.

Both flag houses are different.  This is only cosmetic as you can’t enter the front door but it is a nice touch.

A lot of custom textures and meshes in here give that fresh, original feel.

The Details 13/15

Screenshot, playercount and music all here but the plot could have done with a little more fleshing out.

Final Score 90/100

Unique looks, good bot support and great fun to play coupled with smooth performance.  This will be on your rotation for a while.



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