CTF-CBP3-Arean By KaMi

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

A derelict and deserted sea side haven.  Arean was once a place of happiness and laughter, now only death and pay to view ticket sales are found here.

Gameplay 27/30

Good, fast paced traditional CTF style.  From the centre courtyard two paths per side lead out to the flags.  These two paths split again and re-merge in a hardcore fashion.  The flag room is more a flag ledge.  This adds to the flow and favours defending as there’s no sneaky back way in.  You’ll need a co-ordinated attack strategy to own this map.

The bots handle the map well and cover all areas.  They do a good job of covering when on a flag run. Playercount says 6 to 12.  I found less than 8 to be too quiet.  They give a good tough game with quick flag caps that will keep you on your toes.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

Pretty good throughout frequently above 40 and rarely dropping below 35.  Nicely optimised and smooth.

Eye Candy 22/25

You can almost smell the grime and desolation.  There are custom textures and meshes here but they aren’t immediately apparent.  If you’re going for a completely fresh look, you won’t find it here.  What is here is beautiful and realistic.

The lighting is just right giving the atmosphere a heavy dose of realism.  One of the best looking maps you’ll see to date.

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, music, story are all here; full marks.

Final Score 91/100

A very nice map and a great CTF map as well.  If you’ve been hankering for some oldskool CTF style fragging then look no further.



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