CTF-CBP3-Agonas By Raz And Sjosz

Originally Part of the CBPM3 Vol 2 Pack

This reminds me of DM-Gothic.  It’s about time we had a church/gothic themed map.  This time though it’s CTF flavour.  Many eons ago disputes were settled through honourable combat in places such as this.  Now Liandri can sell advertising between the rounds on the TV.  That’s progress I suppose

Gameplay 27/30

It’s a fairly large map with a 10 to  12 playercount which is about right.  The bots do run around creating attacks and defending pretty well.  But I noticed on a number of occasions that they got confused a little but the big lifts that sit right in front for the flags.  They get on them then get a little lost trying to jump off.

Flow is good and slips from room to room.  There is a lot of paths between the flag bases and this means the defenders are going to be busy.  The playercount is high enough though to accommodate defence heavy tactics.

Performance (Hardware) 24/30

Around the 30 to 45 mark for most of the map.  In the centre is a very nice looking collection of waterfalls.  The FPS always dips when running through this bit.  Nothing major but enough to affect your aim.  That means this will become a no-go area for lower specced machines.

Eye Candy 22/25

The water effects and exterior give this place a sense of being.  Look out the windows and you can see other buildings.  The rooms do start to look the same though.  The theme works and looks great but each room looks very similar to the next.

Lots of custom content and meshes give this map a fresh feel.  Mysterious carved faces and weird spinning discs on the wall add to the unique look.

The Details 15/15

Screenshot, music and playercount are all here.  Plus an interesting backstory mean high marks here.

Final Score 88/100

A good solid original map with a great theme that brings back memories.  The poor performance in the centre held the score back.  How about a VCTF version of this map where we can get across that bridge?



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