DM-CBP3-Salvation By KaMi

Originally part of the CBP3 Vol 1 pack.

How long will Salvation stay clean with that chimney belching out black smoke?  Not forgetting the bloodstains and rotting gibs laying around everywhere.

Gameplay 28/30

Pure hardcore in here.  The purists should love it and the bots seem to as well. They did venture everywhere but they did seem to favour the bottom part of the map around the armour.  This was only slight though.  The playercount is set at 2 to 8.  2 is too low as this isn’t really a duellers map.  I found 9 to 10 a nice busy, full game. Everything seems well balanced and flows really nicely.

The U-Damage is placed a s slightly unusual way as it’s stuck on the side of one of the structures.  It requires a big double jump to get it.

Performance 26/30 (Hardware)

Very good with only one bad spot.  Usually the FPS was around 35 to 45.  There was one spot where it dropped below 30.

Eye Candy 20/25

The theme is a nice cleanish tech theme.  There’s a nice clash of nature and technology with great views over the cliffs.  Nice little touches of colour using lights and neon.  The only thing I didn’t like was the floating geometry in one part of the outside.  It does hinder the immersive feeling. There was no explanation of why or how it could be floating there.  For example  a sign saying “warning electro magnets”.

Nice use of glass and chrome in the details and lines that accentuate the flow of the layout. The contrast between the dark and light colours on the textures and meshes gave it a good futurist feel.

The Details 15/15

All here and so are the marks

Final Score 89/100

An excellently made map that just misses out on the nineties due to the dip in FPS and floating geometry.  The gameplay is golden though with a great hardcore buzz.



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