DM-CBP3-IronMaiden2 By MozI

Originally part of the CBP3 Vol 1 pack.

No hills to run to but this ancient and overgrown map is full of killers.  The years have passed by and the overgrowth has tried to reclaim it but can still provide a good deathmatch experience.

Gameplay 25/30

Playercount is set at 6 to 8 and that’s spot on.  They do a good job of keeping you entertained and finding very little to get confused about.  They’ll keep you on your toes.

The author has used the oldskool style of rooms and corridors but it flows better than it should.  It certainly doesn’t feel like room corridor room but it’s there.  This means the flow isn’t as quite as smooth as a full hardcore map.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing just a different style and it is well hidden. Don’t go thinking this is a nuub map, it’s not.

The pickups are spread out and placed well.  Risk brings rewards as the U-damage forces you to be out in the open on top of some crates in one of the larger parts of the map.

Performance 23/30 (Hardware)

Smooth for the most part at around 30 to 40.  It does dip to the mid twenties though as there are some long corridors.

Eye Candy 21/30

The author has got the feeling of an overgrown, long forgotten place quite well.  A little variation in the green palette would have been welcome in places.  Especially where the sky can be seen.  The decorations around those areas (and the map generally) are very good.

There are great views of the outside areas.  One through a large side window show other buildings and industrial structures.  This adds to the feeling of being there and really helps the atmosphere.

The Details 15/15

The details are present and correct.

Final Score 84/100

A good map with great looks even if a little too green.  Performance though harmed by those long corridors.



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