DM-CBP3-Endura By GreenLoves

Originally part of the CBP3 Vol 1 pack.

Deep under the Niberian forest lies an old, disused Tribium mine called Endura.  This is also a place where several rivers flow down into the earth to create a natural wonder.

Gameplay 26/30

Tight and a little cramped in most places but that’s what you’d expect fighting in an old abandoned mine.  Small in size so anything above 5 or six makes for a  really crowded experience.  That’s why the suggested playercount is set to 2 to 4.  That also puts it in the realm of duelling.

As the map is designed with plenty of Z-axis and not much X and Y, jumppads are used.  Bots get around ok and occasionally act human by ending up in the rushing water that flows under the whole map.

It does feel pretty good leaping around from ledge to ledge and the bots manage this fine.

Performance 24/30 (Hardware)

Good FPS here with occasional dips below 30 due to all the waterfalls.  For the most part though, a steady 35 to 40.

Eye Candy 22/25

It feels really damp down here.  Everywhere you look there’s water running.  The look is carried off with some nice touches and, on the whole, it looks very convincing.  Nice touches like cobwebs and the rotten boards all add to the atmosphere.  Maybe I didn’t spot any but adding some Trybium deposits or the odd crystal would have been some nice detail.

Lighting was dark but not so much as to annoy, just right considering the theme.  There was one small area where the water was running away from itself in two different directions.  There only one logical source nearby but that wasn’t in the right place.  A minor point though.

The Details 13/15

All here.  The original peice of music by zYnthetic is really nice but doesn’t suit a DM map.  If this map was part of a single player game then they would be a perfect match.  It’s too mysterious to accompany frag action.

Final Score 85/100

I good map that will entertain fill small map needs for a while and it will sharpen your jumping, and DFA skills




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