DM-CBP3-August By Neoduck

Originally part of the CBP3 Vol 1 pack.

A ruined pump house set high on a cliff edge.  The view over the valley may be nice but you won’t have time to enjoy the view

Gameplay 27/30

A very small map that gets crowded when you go above the suggested 2 to 4 playercount.  No big weapons here just traditional deathmatch action. The flow is good but just shies away from full blown hardcore.  This isn’t a bad thing though.  The action takes place round winding stairways, through collapsed walls and out into a ruined and overground courtyard.  There’s nothing extra though like hidden rooms or secrets.

I didn’t notice any of the bots doing anything strange and they put up a good fight.  They did surprise me as this map has quite a few blind bends. This also lends itself well to dueling as it makes it very tense.

Performance 24/30 (Hardware)

Pretty good at around 35-40 with very rare dips below 30.  Waterfalls and emitters are in this map so it can take little nibbles.  The map is small so that compensates it for the most part

Eye Candy 20/25

Although the eyecandy is in plentiful supply here, it is a little too colourful for something that’s supposed to be derelict.  Also some of the machinery still works yet the place is meant to be deserted.

What is here is done superbly though.  The waterfall and surrounding terrafirma at the back looks amazing.  The view of the sunrise over the valley looks good as well.  There are areas that can’t be reached yet have things to look at.  This really adds to the felling of being there.

The Details 12/15

Most is here.  In the readme the author explains the history behind the name of the map.  But neither the map nor the name bear any relation to the content of the map.  It doesn’t add to the atmosphere.

Final Score 83/100

A solid dueling map with great looks.  This will be on servers and your own rotation for a while.  The contradictions in the theme and back story bring the score down a little.



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