CTF-CBP3-Touch By Spoondog

Originally part of the CBP3 Vol 1 pack.

Dank, damp and smelly and that’s just the combatants.  Scrapping in this sewer complex is dirty fun.  The locals above call it the Sin Sewer System but you’ll not find redemption here only frags.

Gameplay 27/30

Playercount is set at 6 to 10 and I find 10 to be just right.  Bots do what they are supposed and I didn’t see any getting stuck anywhere.

The bases are very open with multiple entrances into them.  Underwater is also an option.  The author has dialed down the blurring that you normally get when swimming.  If this wasn’t done it would have made flag running (swimming?) underwater impossible.

Initially I found the layout confusing with only one major landmark to go by.  A rather impressive sewer pool with three outlets pumping into it.  The layout is horseshoe shaped with a novel twist.  There is a sniper’s nest that overlooks both flag rooms.  Control of this nest can really tip the balance.  The pick ups are plentiful and well placed. The map is medium size yet feels bigger.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

Very stable throughout hanging around the 30 to 40 mark.  I didn’t notice any dipping.

Eye Candy 21/25

Overall very good and certainly feels like a sewer system.  The green and yellow mouldy masonry and the dripping water.  The post processing over the whole map has a little too much white in it.  It makes everything look a little overexposed and in turn the sun light shining in from the gaps in the roof too bright.  On the whole though the visuals and atmospherics are done well.  A nice place to dismember

The Details 15/15

All here including reactive, original music by zYnthetic and a cool backstory.

Final Score 88/100

A very nice CTF map with some interesting ideas.  It also has that UT99 feel to it.  Maybe because it reminds me of some of the CTF classics.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Anyway, it’s a good one.



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