Community Bonus Pack 3 Vol 1


A great pack of 8 maps with some nice variation in theme and gameplay style.  All the maps here are above average and worthy of your rotation.

Click on the titles to read the individual reviews

89/100 DM-CBP3-Salvation By KaMi

88-100 CTF-CBP3-Touch By Spoondog

88/100 VCTF-CBP3-TheDig By Plutonic

85/100 DM-CBP3-Endura By GreenLoves

84/100 DM-CBP3-IronMaiden2 By MozI

83/100 DM-CBP3-August By Neoduck

78/100 WAR-CBP3-Airlock By MozI

77/100 DM-CBP3-HongKong By Tynan Sylvester

Pack score 84/100


If any of the maps are released on their own can the authors please tell me and I’ll add the new links to the relevant reviews.

The average score is 84,  No rounding was needed.  Not as high scoring as Vol 2 but that’s to be expected.  Every author learns a few more tricks with the editor every time he/she builds a map.


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