CTF-Wasnuni By Murphy

Get ready for a big one.  This is a huge underground CTF map set in a long disused mine.  It has a quirky secret to the gameplay that actually works.

Gameplay 23/30

The playercount is set at 12 but it can go much higher.  12 feels empty due to the map’s size.  I played a game with 32 which filled things out a bit more.  It really is that big.  This had a negative effect of not having enough ammo placed around.  Even with weaponstay switched on  I found I was running out of ammo.  The same can be said for health.  Also if your PC is a little on the old side you might have to dial the bot count down and therefore the map will feel empty.

There is a cool quirk the author has built in.  If you look out the back of the flag room you’ll see a ledge.  Look down off that ledge and you’ll see a hole.  Jump into it and you’ll warp further into the map.  It’s a one-way warp hole (think Mario’s pipes).  Great for the flag carrier and a novel way to escape the opposing flag room.  I like the wall-jump logos on some of the walls.  If your walljumping skills are rusty now they won’t be after playing this.  Bots navigate the map well and will give a good game defending and attacking.  There are many ways between the flag rooms though which can get a little confusing.  I found that I sometimes became snagged on the steep slope just before the natural bridge in the centre.

Performance 20/30 (Hardware)

It ran fine even with 32 bots in.  That’s on today’s hardware though.  If your rig is older or has less juice then you’ll find slowdowns.  On 12 you should be fine.

Eye Candy 20/25

A quick look at the screenshots will tell you this a great looking map.  There are lots of custom meshes and textures.  I think I only found one flickering texture on some of the ivy in one spot but everything else looks great.  One complaint though is that there isn’t enough difference between the rooms.  Also the rooms do feel very square and samey (palette wise).  Some nice touches though

The Details 15/15

Screenshot slideshow, music, sounds and  funny backstory means full marks here.

Final Score 78/100

A difficult one to score due to the playerload versus performance on older machines.  If you can’t run a high number, it will feel empty.  If you can then you’ll be in for a treat.  It’s not often a 32 player capable map comes along so give this a try.  You should be suitably impressed.



4 Responses to CTF-Wasnuni By Murphy

  1. Cosmix says:

    I know Murphy from german forums and he is a great artist. He made a lot of incredible custom content and share with the community. Last time I saw this map in discussion was something like a year ago. Nice to see that this project became finished. Good job man!

  2. Murphy says:

    Thank you for the review, Firefly!
    I think differently about the playercount but I see where you are coming from and it’s only fair to point it out as many others share your taste. I’m glad you liked the quirky aspects (the warp-hole, the walldodge-icons, the story and the faked loading sequences for the screenshot-slideshow).
    Thank you also for this site as a whole! The old reviewing sites and now this one always make me feel like mapping is taken serious somewhere at least, and it’s not ‘just’ about supplying new maps to play on. I’m sure many others feel the same.

    Hi Cosmix! Good to see you again. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  3. Firefly says:

    Glad you like the review and thanks

  4. masahira says:

    i agreed with author. thanksqz

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