CTF-(ASS)-Teh (=AOX=)Princess Royal Box By Agoura Steve & Banshee

Is this a joke map?

Gameplay 2/30

Simply put, this is a spam box.  one giant cube with the flags at either end.  There is virtually no gameplay but that’s the nature of box maps.  There’s no flow and no thought gone into pickup placement. The only thing that hints at consideration towards gameplay is the high ceiling.  This allows for high trajectory shots, I’m straw clutching here.  Wall climbing can only be done so far up a wall.

The bots just run aimlessly around until they see something to shoot or something shoots them.

Performance 5/30 (Hardware)

There’s more to performance than frame rate. That’s the only thing that performs well here.  Nothing else works map wise.  It loads and runs but it’s not a map.

Eye Candy 0/25

It’s more Eye Sore than Eye Candy.  That pink colour scheme induces vomiting after 5 minutes and migraines after 10.  Also the four surfaces that could be aligned aren’t.  There’s one lightsource coming from some strange invisible light that must hang around the centre of the cube.

The Details 8/15

The screenshot is missing but in this case that’s a blessing.  Plus the name is not nice.

Final Score 15/100

The most amazing thing about this map is that it took two people to make it.



6 Responses to CTF-(ASS)-Teh (=AOX=)Princess Royal Box By Agoura Steve & Banshee

  1. Firefly says:

    Agoura_Steve, you have a really cool attitude.


  2. rating these maps without the environment settings (gravity, dodging) that they were designed for is like saying this boat is the worst car i’ve ever driven.
    but i like your style. lol



  3. Firefly says:

    thanks for the comments 🙂
    No amount of settings or mod could change this from being a pink cube.

  4. ne_skaju says:

    Strange to see some people liking such maps. Its is boring even with low grav and matrix moves, anyway. Because gameplay is primitive.

  5. Yes, if your gameplay is primitive you probably won’t like this type of map regardless of the settings.

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