CTF-(ASS)-Agoura_Burner By Banshee & Agoura_Steve

Very small “wooden” room.  Yep, fighting it out in a shed.

Gameplay 5/30

Almost a cube but not quite.  This actually has things other than pickups in it.  Crates.  These are stuck round the edges to give cover as well as a little bit of Z-Axis fighting.  There’s no reason to go anywhere near the vast open space in the centre.  No flow and little gameplay means this is a non-map.

Bots just chase each other until they are shot at or until they see you.

Performance 5/30 (Hardware)

It runs like a cube not a map although the frames are unsurprisingly high.

Eye Candy 5/25

Some effort has gone into making it look good.  The room has roof beams although very basic and the crates are very oversized.  Also the  textures has been scaled wrong.  This map can’t make up it’s mind between being a Giant style map or one set to a normal scale.  There was no readme so I have assumed it’s been subbed as a normal map.  Also some of the light sources have light fixtures.

The Details 8/15

No readme but everything else is there.

Final Score 23/100

Cube maps or spam boxes etc aren’t popular outside private clan servers as they aren’t proper maps.



24 Responses to CTF-(ASS)-Agoura_Burner By Banshee & Agoura_Steve

  1. Agoura_Steve says:

    Heh. The Scale was done that way to be different.

    I laughed so hard when reading the other review at:

    These are awesome for CTF. Thanks for the review. 😉

  2. Redbear says:

    considering this is a clan map, to properly review this map, you would have to see it on the ASS servers, with low grav and matrix moves. why anyone would want to play a DM/CTF map with bots is beyond me – as that is NOT the way this map was intended to be played.

  3. AsToRoTh says:

    I agree that maps of this type are prefered by low grav and matrix moves clans… made a couple myself. But just because the game play style prefers the open space type map it doesnt have to be as bare as this. The whole point (for me at least) in doing a “land of the giants” type map is to concentrate on quirky stuff that make the map look cool. Anyone can subtract a space and check in a few cubes and pickups. This map looks more like something Id use as a base map. No offence to the mappers themselves but if this was a report card at school it would say “Must try harder”.

  4. [NBK]Rattman says:

    As I used to play this gamestyle with Agoura Steve years ago I have to agree with RedBear…these style clan maps are made to suit the server that these guys play on as such you can really only judge a map like this based on the amount of fun you have in it on that server!!
    The look of the map doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in these gametypes, just the amount of fun created by the map.

  5. Agoura_Steve says:

    Hey, Hey! Hiya Rattman! LTNS!!
    Yep. The (A.S.S) PIG CTF Server has been laid to rest though 🙂
    Not enough traffic anymore thesedays worthy of maintaining the 20+ Servers that
    we had going. The CTF Server was one that we killed off. But this map can still be played
    on many Clan servers such as *SGR*, {DA}, (=ÀøX=), °Üt°¡!°, [RGC] etc.
    I know that («Ð¡»)ÐämägéInc took down their server that had it.

    Matrix moves isn’t really the way the map was meant to be played originally either. lol!
    This is a PIG CTF Map
    Here is the README file for more details:

    A Capture the Flag Map made for Unreal Tournament 2004
    by (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve and (A.S.S)Banshee

    A perfect wall dodging map with high ceilings. Designed for PIG CTF
    (Psychogib- Fast firing Instagib, with unlimited wall multidodging)
    Plays excellent in Single shot CTF too!!
    An all around extremely fun map!

    Similar to the “Burner” Type of Box maps, this was actually created from scratch.
    What is unique and sets this particular map apart from other “Burner” Maps is the fact that there is no fog,
    or any item in the center to obscure your aim,
    also some of the meshes that are embedded into the map like the “Skaarj warrior”
    who can be seen hiding in the rafters, the rifle mesh, the translocator mesh resting against the crate etc.
    Good for a real challenging game of CTF.

    This Map was originally designed for PIG CTF.
    (PIG = Psychogib = Ultra fast instagib “capture the flag” with air control,
    unlimited wall dodging, flag protection and translocator) This map plays nice for any form of CTF though!

    Map author is: (A.S.S)Banshee and (A.S.S)Agoura_Steve Most of the credit to (A.S.S)Banshee 🙂
    This is only for UT2004. Inspired by the work of the greatest mapmaker of all
    time: -=}Wø£vê®ïñË{=- (http://wolvy.net)
    He was the godfather of mapping that created all of the best maps from UT99
    on up in all versions of UT. Anyhow, I consider this a tip of the hat to his work.


    What is exactly is this PIG gametype of which you speak?

    PIG=Psycho-Gib / Psycho instagib.

    Phrase was coined by |zF|MisterGin (Zark’s finest clan) He and۠ »]DçW[«incognito (Nog) created the gametype in 2004.
    It became hugely popularized by the {DGS} clan servers.
    [Now they are called Clan sFc] And those {DGS} Servers inspired (A.S.S) to get involved in PIG in late 2004, early 2005.

    Ultra fast rate of fire. Translocator, UTcomp(brightskins), unlimited multidodge wall dodging, flag protection
    and spawn protection delay. (Typically Zoom IG)
    The original PIG did NOT use a translocator. This was added after about 6 months.
    Both ways work well.

    Rate of Fire= .30 (slow is .90- 1.50)
    Game Speed 1.40
    Air Contol = 1.85
    QuadJump on
    Adrenaline combos

    That is PIG. At least traditional PIG before other clans decided to tweak things.
    These settings were the Standard for 2 years. Then along came the uglier .20 rate of fire PIG 😦

    It has been my favorite gametype for more than 3 years now.
    I still play it every chance I get.

  6. Agoura_Steve says:

    This is the file with the readme attached.

    Sorry it was not in the original attachment.
    Enjoy. Thanks for the input guys.
    Keep on posting any opinions or comments. It’s all good to me.


  7. {SAP}Fafnir says:

    I think you should give it a playability score also. I would love to see your review of PORCUPINE. I’m sure it would score even lower than this one even though it’s one of the most popular maps on the {SAP} server.

  8. o m g , i hope they don’t review the {SAP}ohshit map
    can i just say for the record it was made as a crash map for a goof
    our other maps are much smaller.


  9. Firefly says:

    Playablility is the same as gameplay. Please read the Review Scheme.

    I’ll review any map that’s submitted. Make sure you read the submission details first though 😉

    thanks for the comments.

  10. alas, I am not a ‘real’ player..
    I play VCTF and there doesn’t appear to be a VCTF cat here. lawlZ!
    People have forever bashed our flavor of VCTF until we play them 3/3 splits (3 on theirs, 3 on ours) and beat them at both (then they just make excuses), want a piece?
    // again.. funny site, funny reviews- keep up the amusing work.


  11. Firefly says:

    Glad you like ’em. Some review sites can get a bit too serious.
    I haven’t got around to adding the extra cats yet. Thanks for reminding me. 😀
    No-one actually subbed any yet though

    BTW i love VCTF in UT3.

  12. Hey aK, you got some maps man submit them, i’m sure you wouldn’t do too bad. 🙂

  13. hehe, sum- here are our reviews– 2/100, .5/100. 🙂 🙂
    I just submitted all the maps we have listed in our download section (mine, phx, alpha).
    There are a few which aren’t listed on our site yet (spiderman, bequicker, asciiKastle, etc)- if FF doesn’t toast us too bad I’ll get them up there too. lolz


  14. Firefly says:

    I would appreciate it if you didn’t spam the review list like that. This site is not somewhere for clans to pimp their servers or to request joke reviews. I said I’d review any map that runs (no matter how bad) but I won’t have the piss taken.

  15. Firefly, what are you talking about?
    We posted our maps for review and didn’t spam anything.
    Perhaps you’re taking things too seriously now.

    Stop whining and start reviewing (I’m sure this post will disappear too).


  16. Firefly says:

    “Stop whining and start reviewing”
    who are you, my boss?

    Please read the submission page.

  17. hey, it’s your website. np
    was just trying to get some vctf content up there at the request of a friend.
    no spam, no ‘joke reviews’ sought, was genuinely trying to participate and add
    to what you were doing here. no worries, good luck with your venture.

  18. Agoura_Steve says:

    aK 🙂

    I think she may be wondering why you are talking about VCTF
    in the Agoura_Burner review. \
    I think this area is designated for comments regarding this review.
    Just a shot in the dark guess.

    It doesn’t bother me at all, but maybe that’s why she said it was spam.
    I respect what you are trying to do though.

    Submit whatever you want to, but know that this site is
    the “premiere” UT mappers site and it has rigid guidelines.
    They normally review highly detailed and feature rich maps that take months to build.
    Not typically maps like Banshees/my maps, that took 2 hours to make. lol!
    If it doesn’t play right with bots in a standard mode, without mutators on, then the
    review will reflect that.

  19. Agoura_Steve says:

    They no longer accept Box maps and may stop allowing any map made by
    a Clan. I sure never thought that submitting my map would cause so much
    ruckus. Anyone that knows me…Please stop trying to defend the reviews.
    If I had any issues with them I would have spoken up!
    Giving her grief is only creating issues.
    Read this front page news.

    No More Cubes Please
    19 December, 2008

    Unfortunately I have had to decide to not accept cube maps for review anymore. Ironmonkey’s comment to my last post nailed it. It’s very difficult to give a fair review within the confines of a general review site. I know it will be an unpopular choice among certain circles but I’m doing this out of fairness to UT Unlimited as well as the people who visit the site. Also I do not write reviews just so the clan or author can get a mention on Planet Unreal and Beyond Unreal. This is a review site not a platform for clans to pimp themsleves. The (ASS) map reviews that I already have posted will stay but no more please.

    If someone else wants to start a review site for clan/cube maps then go for it. There’s certainly (loads of) space in the community for one.

    My main concern is for the majority of visitors and from feedback I’ve had cube maps should go. In other words, majority rules.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    IronMonkey Says:
    19 December, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    I know that for some of us UT is a religion but I suspect
    “secular nature of clan servers.” should have read “insular nature of clan servers.” 🙂

    I do think it would be interesting to see some mod/TC maps reviewed. The difficulty is in establish a marking scheme that respects the usual things but values the particular characteristics of the mod. A problem that might just be too difficult to solve.

    As far as clan maps and similar go, I think you are spot on. There is just no way for a general review site to assess a clan map in a context that makes sense to the general player.

  20. our maps where made by people not clans nor are they cubes (although we think those have their place and are fun of course).

    i think she said it because i submitted several (so queu them then) and i also explained, as you did about the settings and listed our site (which is where they are hosted for download so it seemed to make sense)- it wasn’t my intent, nor was it my result to mindlessly pimp our clan, there was a reason for every word i typed in the review submissions.

    sum suggested posting them so i took 30 minutes to do it only to see them gone from being listed in the queu and be told not to spam and ‘pimp’.

    again, it’s all good.. i don’t want to clutter her thing, it’s cool. i just think it was handled strangely. i mean, email a person and tell them whats up before trying to publicly spank them. 😉

    be well


  21. Firefly says:

    It’s simple, I don’t care who made them but outside the clan communities, maps that are cube maps or spam boxes are also known as clan maps. Also most review sites won’t bother emailing you if a map gets a low score. If it isn’t a cube map then sub it.

    And btw, I’m male (where did that come from) 😀

  22. Agoura_Steve says:

    My bad. We have a really awesome player in our group named (A.S.S)DragonFly.
    I guess I made the association subconsciously.

    aK…Submit your maps. It was a misunderstanding.

  23. [NBK]Rattman says:

    I think you decision to not review special clan type maps is a great idea…

    You do great reviews on all the maps I have seen here…but those mpas are so specialized thats it’s insane to ask you to set up your game to run a s a clan server would run those maps so that the review is in the proper context of the maps design

    Keep up the great work…I really enjoy reading the reviews!!

  24. Firefly says:

    Thanks for the nice words.
    Glad you’re enjoying the site.

    happy new year

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