CBP3 Vol 1 Reviews:

Here they are for your reading pleasure.  Hope you enjoy and give plenty of feedback about them.    It’s a good pack with some quality maps.

89/100 DM-CBP3-Salvation By KaMi

88-100 CTF-CBP3-Touch By Spoondog

88/100 VCTF-CBP3-TheDig By Plutonic

85/100 DM-CBP3-Endura By GreenLoves

84/100 DM-CBP3-IronMaiden2 By MozI

83/100 DM-CBP3-August By Neoduck

78/100 WAR-CBP3-Airlock By MozI

77/100 DM-CBP3-HongKong By Tynan Sylvester

Pack score 84/100

Like last time I’m going to break from reviewing for a couple of days.  Get back to working on Quatro.

HOLP next and then two single ones.  I haven’t forgotten about them 😀

Please keep subbing your maps to the review list as well



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